The ONLY Internet Password Book and Organizer to hide passwords in a random character grid.

    You will never forget or loose your password again! And you will never worry about security!

    The ONLY Password Book with Offline Protection

    The 5th Dimension Password Keeper is the only Password Book to protect your passwords in print form!

    Experts agree, your computer is the worst place to store passwords. Top internet security experts recommend that people use complex passwords and that they write them down for safekeeping. Experts know that your notebook or wallet is a lot more secure than your computer.

    But what happens if your password book is lost or stolen? It could be devastating if your password book got into the wrong hands. Until now, there has never been an offline solution which would provide complete protection for your passwords.

    Password Notebook Features:

    checkmarkSecure Online and Offline. Uses Upper, Lower, Numerical & Special Characters for a more secure password. Encourages the use of different passwords for each online account. Free, online multi-line random character generator to help fill in the spaces on the D.I.Y. Edition.
    checkmarkPlenty of Storage. The Revised Edition and the D.I.Y. Edition has space to record up to 90 Website logins; 7 Email accounts; 5 Computers; 20 Hardware devices; 45 Software licenses & keys and Complete Home Network Settings.
    checkmarkThoughtful Design. The Home Network Settings are the only page without secure password protection. This allows the user to hand the book to the ISP technician without revealing their password "Key".
    checkmarkEasy to Use. Never struggle to remember your passwords again. You need only remember a single key (ie: "where" your password is located) not the actual password itself. A single key works for all password pages in the book.

    We have the Solution!

    "The 5th Dimension Password Keeper" is safe, secure, EASY and is the only Internet Password Book to give you peace of mind with protection for your passwords in print form.

    Your passwords are cleverly hidden within a grid of random characters, making them undetectable to everyone except you. Only you will know where the password is hidden. So if your password book is ever lost or stolen your passwords will remain secure.

    Whether you are seeking a Do-It-Yourself solution or want a password grid already laid out and ready for instant use, we have a password solution to fit your needs.

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