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This website is the official book page for “The 5th Dimension Password Keeper”
and related products by Michael E. Pipkins.

The 5th Dimension Story…

I learned the hard way that keeping your passwords in your computer, whether by using an internet browser add-on, special password storage software or even by using excel, is really a BAD idea.

What I discovered is that the problem with ALL electronic systems for storing passwords is that they are ALL targets of hackers. Some, are more easy to hack than others but all of them pose security risks. Once a hacker gets into your computer, getting to your password list is just a matter of time. The solution is obvious, don’t keep your passwords in your computer. If your passwords are not stored within your computer – they can’t be hacked into and stolen.

Because good practice is to use a separate random character password for each internet account, the only viable way to store a bunch of passwords is to write them down. So I started searching for a password book.

It became clear to me right away that all password books were essentially the same. They really are nothing more that a ledger. A place for a user to write down the website (email) and password. While this solves the problem of hackers getting into them, it certainly doesn’t make them “secure”. What happens if someone finds my password book? What if I accidentally left it in a coffee shop? What if a disgruntled employee found it? What if a thief broke into my home or even if the babysitter found it?

What I wanted was some way to protect my passwords in print form.

So I decided to approach the problem the same way I do in my daytime job. As an Architect, I am always looking to break a problem down to its essence and allow Function to dictate its Form. After several concepts, designs, over-designs and re-designs, what I finally came up with is what you now know as The 5th Dimension Password Keeper System.

Why “5th Dimension”? Because the 5th dimension is generally considered to be that of the “Mind”. It is the world of thought or memory. The password grid system that I came up requires that a user memorize only a single password “key”. The user will never have to remember the password itself. The “key” is applied to all password grids. For the user, reading the password by applying a memory “key” is like pulling a password out of thin air – almost as if the password itself resides in the 5th dimension. Without knowing the key, a thief would have little chance of deciphering the password.

And thus, The 5th Dimension Password Keeper was born. But it wasn’t until several years later, and the discovery of “indie publishing” that I was able to bring this password keeper to the market. Since the initial launch in February 2012, The 5th Dimension Password Keeper has become a sensation. The simplicity and effective nature of the book is catching on by security consultants, professional organizers, corporations and regular internet users. That single book has spawned an entire line of 5th Dimension Password products.

It is my hope that you too will discover that my 5th Dimension Password System is a tool that you just can’t live without. Please have a look around and if there is ever anything that I can do to help you, please let me know. I don’t want anyone to ever have to go through what I went through when my password was stolen, and I hope that with my products, we can all sleep a little easier at night.

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