Password Organizer

Safe & Secure Password Organizer

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper is perhaps the most unique password organizer on the market.

Other Internet Password Organizers are little more than pre-printed forms for writing down your own login information. They are just barely better than using a post-it note, and provide no offline security if the book is lost or stolen.

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper is completely different. Each page of this book comes preprinted with an 8 x 16 grid of random characters using upper, lower, numerical and special characters. Every page is different and has a completely new set of random characters.

Instead of trying to remember a complex password, users need only remember the “location” of the password within the grid. The user can select any shape or direction that they can imagine. Forwards, backwards, diagonal, skipping spaces, circles, squares, triangles; there are litterally trillions of possible combinations possible.

Once a user has selected the pattern that they will use, it will be used for every page, and every internet account. Because every page is different, every password will be different.

Best of all, users never have to worry that their passwords will be compromised if the book is lost or stolen.

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