Password Book Helps Celebrities Fight Hackers

January 11, 2013 Password Talk Leave a reply

Celebrities are learning to fight hackers with the help of a new password book.

Being a celebrity often has many perks; preferred restaurant seating (without reservations), invites to the best parties, free swag – just to name a few. But as a public figure it may sometimes feel like you are a human magnet for kooks as well as crooks.

Kim Kardashian's Twitter Account Hacked

Kim Kardashian’s Twitter Account was Hacked in 2011
(Image by David Shankbone)

Twitter accounts seem to be a common target of celebrities. Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger & Britney Spears have all had their Twitter accounts hacked. Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga not only had their Twitter accounts hacked, but their Facebook accounts as well.

Each of these hacks occurred as a result of using a weak password. While it may seem obvious that celebrities, by the nature of being a public persona would be a little more careful in selecting their password, celebrities are in fact, human. And therefore subject to complacency and laziness just like the rest of us.

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper aims to change all that. Celebrities are learning that the unique password grid in the 5th Dimension system is the perfect solution for high profile people. The password notebook allows them to use safe password practices, such as using random character passwords and using a different password for each account, without having to actually remember all those different passwords. And because the 5th Dimension Password System keeps the password encoded, if the book is lost or stolen the password remains secure.

This unique system allows celebrities (as well as the rest of us) the ability to have access to their accounts when they need it, without compromising their privacy or security in the process. The 5th Dimension Password Keeper not only stores website logins & passwords securely, but also email. The book also has a place to record network settings, computer logins and even hardware purchases and software keys.

Check out the new password storage solution that gives celebrities the security & privacy they desire.


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