Password Notice to Estate Executor

Estate Planning with PasswordsHow to give a password notice to my loved ones after my death?

It is something we all hate to discuss, Estate Planning. Let’s face it, planning for our own death is just plane creepy. Just the same, it is something that all grown ups eventually have to face, especially if we have children. While there is plenty of information on the internet about estate planning in general, there is very little in specifics about how to give a password notice.

For a moment, think about how difficult it would be for you to have to recover all your passwords. Now imagine how difficult it would be for your loved ones if they didn’t even know what online accounts you had in the first place.

So we have created a free, downloadable password notice for users of the 5th Dimension Password Keeper that you can include with your estate planning documents.

Click Here to Download Password Notice to Estate Executor

The “Password Notice to Estate Executor” document contains a place for you to note where your password book is stored, a blank password grid that where you can number the characters in your password key and a place for you to sign & date the document.

You should keep the estate executor password notice in a safe place such as your home safe, lockbox or with your estate attorney. You should never store any estate documents in a bank safety deposit box.

You will note that we have repeatably stated that you should never write down your password. Ok, we admit that “never” was probably too strong of a word. So we now clarify that there are situations, such as planning for our estate and allowing our successors access, in which it is ok to write down those passwords. JUST MAKE DARN SURE that they kept in a safe place where your loved ones will find them only AFTER you have passed away.

Note: The document is not intended to provide any sort of legal advice or direction. You are required to check with your own estate planning attorney for the suitability of the password notice for your unique condition.

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