Beware Fraudulent pdf Book Downloads

June 11, 2013 Book News Leave a reply
Copyright Violation

Fraudulent website distributes copyrighted content.

It has come to our attention that some of our books have been made available as .pdf downloads. In every case, these downloads are illegal. We do not currently offer any of our books in downloadable .pdf format. Be aware that if any website tells you that you can download our book, for free or otherwise, you will be participating in a copyright violation and helping some very bad people get away with a crime.

Of particular concern is one website which portrays to offer our books, for free, via a simple download. However the file that is downloaded is an executable (.exe) file which may contain a virus. This particular website is operated out of China and portends to have thousands of books available for free. However, the site is completely fraudulent, complete with fake, inactive links to non-existent facebook & twitter accounts. It also uses a fake McAfee security seal and has a “Contact” form that always appears to be broken. By outward appearance, the website uses professional graphics and is quite deceptive.

I have chosen not to identify this website so as to not provide them with any sort of backlink or advertising, and I mention it here only to illustrate the great lengths that hackers will go to gain access to your computer.

The rule of thumb is this … Never download a book from someone other than the original copyright holder or from a legitimate source such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


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