Password Generator with Random Characters on Multiple Lines

Multi-Line Random Character Password Generator

Use the 5th Dimension Password Keeper's FREE multi-line, random character password generator to fill in the matrix grid in all 5th Dimension D.I.Y. Password Products. In your password keeper, begin by writing in your current or desired password at your "key" location. Then use the password generator below and copy the characters displayed into your internet address & password organizer to fill the remaining blank spaces.

Click "Generate Code" until you get the password grid you desire.

Number of code lines to generate:   (Default = 8 for Password Keeper)
Number of characters in each line:   (Default = 16 for Password Keeper)
Letters to include in password grid:
(Default = Upper, Lower, Numerical, Some Special)
Edit the box above with desired password characters.

Note: Password grids are not stored and cannot be saved or recreated.
If you reload the page you will lose the current password grid.

You can add or change the characters to be used by the password generator. You can also change the number of characters in each line and the number lines to use. If any characters get out of line simply generate a new set.


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