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The 5th Dimension Password System - by Michael E. Pipkins

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You will never forget a password again and never have to worry about keeping your passwords secure with the 5th Dimension Password Keeper system. This password notebook stores passwords by concealing them within a grid of random characters. Some of our password organizers come with a pre-designed random character grid and some organizers have a fill-in-the-blank grid to enable the user to use their existing passwords. Take a look inside our top three models to see which one is best for you.

D.I.Y. Notebook Edition

    Revised & Expanded Edition

      "My Password Book" Edition

        Choose the Internet Address Book that is right for you.

        The Original 5th Dimension Password Keeper (below right) is still one of our best selling internet password organizers. It contains space to store over 100 passwords.

        The Revised and Expanded Edition takes our original password keeper and ramps it up with lots of bonus features. Contains specific pages for Email account settings; Computer logins & network information; Storage for Hardware purchases and Warrantee information and also contains space to record software 'keys'. Also contains features to make finding your password easier such as a "fill-in-the-blank" index and large "thumb search" capital letters at the page edges.

        Original Password Keeper

        The D.I.Y. Notebook Edition has all of the same features as the Revised and Expanded Edition - except that it contains a fill-in-the-blank password grid. This allows the user to use their existing passwords, without having to change them to match the book. The remaining blank cells of the grid are filled in with the help of our random character generator.

        The "My" 5th Dimension Password Keeper is a D.I.Y. Edition, but allows for a customized book cover and offers deep discounts for quantity purchases. This edition makes a great gift for family, friends, co-workers and even clients. Include your own photos, logo and back of book text.

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        This miniature password book is about the size of a credit card and fits easily into your pocket, purse or wallet. It is the perfect companion to the full size edition.

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