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January 2, 2013 Book News Leave a reply

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper – Mega-Password Mousepad™ is back.

Sporting an all new, high contrast Black on Yellow look, the Mega-Password Mousepad™ enters into the new year with style.


Mega-Password Mousepad™ from the 5th Dimension Password Keeper

The new mouse pad contains 598 random characters inside a 26 x 23 grid. This translates into awesome security that is almost incomprehensible. For example, a standard 8 digit random character password can have as many as 386,962,199,654,842,000 (386 quadrillion) possible locations on the grid. To put it another way, this means that the Mega-Password Mousepad™  is 10 million times more secure to a thief – than that same 8 digit password is to a hacker!

The Mega-Password Mousepad™ is 1/8″ thick and has a non-slip backing to keep it from sliding around on your desk. The High Contrast yellow background allows for more precise movement when using an optical mouse yet still provides a firm grip for roller-ball mice.

If you already have one of our competitors ‘insecure’ password books, the Mega-Password Mousepad™  is a great way to add an extra level of security. Instead of writing down your password in that ‘insecure’ password book for all the world to see, write down a code location from the Mega-Password Mousepad™ such as “B7 – H12”.

The Mega-Password Mousepad™ is intended to be used to store your computer login but can be adapted for many other uses.

Supplies are limited and we expect this first shipment to sell out fast, so order today by clicking on the link below.


Order the Mega-Password Mousepad™

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