My 5th Dimension Password Keeper

Customize your Password Keeper Book

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper, the only password book to provide secure offline protection by hiding your password within a grid of random characters, is now the only password keeper book to offer users the ability to customize their password notebook with their own photo.

Customized password notebooks make a great gift for the holidays. Whether you order a custom password book made for your friends, family or use them to promote your business, the "My 5th Dimension Password Keeper" is sure to be a gift that they will appreciate and will use all year long.

The "My 5th Dimension Password Keeper" comes with the same features as our D.I.Y. Notebook Edition

This includes pages for Email, Website, Home Network Settings, Software Keys, Warrantee Information and more. You can use your existing passwords (if you choose to) and use our free multi-line random character generator to fill in the spaces on your password grid.

The "My 5th Dimension Password Keeper" can be purchased for as little as $5.95 each (40% discount) when you order 25 or more. There are no minimum orders. There is a one time cover art setup fee of $10.00 per book design on the first order only. There is no setup fee on returning orders.

First Time Orders
Returning Orders

You may order additional copies at any time.

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Choose from 5 Different Themes

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    Customization & Features

    notebook Choose from 5 cover themes.

    notebook Add your own photo to cover.

    notebook Add your name or company name.

    notebook Add your photo or logo to back of book.

    notebook Add story or promotional material to the back.

    notebook Include a quote or tagline.

    notebook Choose from 80 background colors.

    *Some features are not available on all themes.

    Included Pages

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      Click to use our free, multi-line Random Character Generator

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