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The 5th Dimension Password Keeper is the only internet address and password notebook on the market to provide a way to secure passwords in print form. Scroll down to review our complete line of password keeper notebooks and other products. Click on the title to view the product details.

All books purchased from our website can be autographed by the author and dedicated (if the buyer so desires). To receive an autograph and dedication, simply include the name of the person whom you would like the book dedicated in the "comments" field at checkout with PayPal. If you do not want the book autographed, simply leave the "comments" field blank.

Internet Address & Password Organizer

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper
Large Print Edition

The Ultimate Secure Internet Address Book. Combining all the best features of all our products into one book, this Large Print Edition is not only easier to read, it has both pre-defined & DIY password grids for 100% compatibility with any type of password. Stores over 100 internet accounts as well as network settings, computer logins, email, hardware purchase log with Warrantee information and Software purchases with product keys. All new style and available in both perfect bound and spiral bound so book lays open flat for easy reading / writing.


Expanded and Revised Password Organizer

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper
Revised and Expanded Edition

In addition to having secure password protection, this new password organizer also includes sections to record email; network settings; software keys; Warrantee information and more. Keep all your computer information in one easy to find location.


DIY Notebook Password Organizer

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper
D.I.Y. Notebook Edition

Use your existing passwords and still maintain 5th Dimension Password Security with the D.I.Y. Notebook Edition. Has the same features as the Revised & Expanded Edition but allows the user to fill in the password grid with the help of our online random character generator.


Pocket Edition Password Organizer

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper
Pocket Edition

The mini password notebook fits nicely in your pocket, purse or wallet. Can be used by independently or in conjunction with your Expanded Edition password keeper. Keeps track of your top 3 computer login passwords; 3 email login passwords and 9 web addresses from your Expanded Edition.

Pocket Edition of the Password Keeper


Out of Stock

The Origial Password Keeper is on sale

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper
Original Edition

The Original 5th Dimension Password Keeper that started the revolution. This little password book is still the World's Most Secure Internet Password Book.™ Has space for over 100 internet address passwords.

The Original 5th Dimension Password Keeper - Internet Password Organizer


My Customized Password Keeper

'MY' 5th Dimension Password Keeper
Customized Password Organizer

Customize your password keeper with your own image, logo and text. Great gift for family, friends or even business associates. The "MY" 5th Dimension Password Keeper is a customizable version of the D.I.Y. Edition with all the same features.

Great 'Brand-able' gift.

Up to 40% off

Mousepad with password grid.

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper
Mega-Password Mousepad

Stop hiding your password and keep it right on your desk, securely with the Mega-Password Mousepad. Unbelievably secure. A random 8 character password has over 386 quadrillion possible locations. Your password is hidden right in plain sight, but only YOU know where.

Mouse pad that keeps your password in plain sight.


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