Mega-Password Mousepad ™

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Keep your passwords right on your desk on the password mousepad

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The 5th Dimension Password Keeper
Mega-Password Mousepad ™

With The 5th Dimension Password Keeper Mega-Password Mousepad ™ you will never forget your password again. Your password is hidden in plain sight right on your desk. Only you will know the secret to unlock it.

The Mega-Password Mousepad ™ is secure. Really secure. With the 26 x 23 password grid, a typical 8 digit password has over 386,962,199,654,842,000 (386 quadrillion) possible combinations. This means that the mousepad is actually more secure from a thief than your computer is to a hacker.

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Publication Information:

The 5th Dimension Password Keeper - Mega-Password Mousepad ™

With the Mega-Password Mousepad™ you can turn those 'unsecured' password books from our competitors into a secured 5th Dimension Password Keeper

Instead of writing down the password in your unsecured password book for everyone in the world to see, simply write down the “key” location of the password on the Mega-Password Mousepad ™. For example, simply write: “E2 to E11” as the password in the unsecured password book.

Whether you use the mousepad for one password (ie:your computer login); use it to assign a temporary password or use it for all of your internet accounts, the Mega-Password Mousepad ™ provides secure offline protection of your password.

  • Creator: Michael E. Pipkins
  • Availability Date: January 3, 2012
  • Model No.: S122012Y
  • Size: 9.25” x 7.68” x 0.125”
  • Non-slip backing
  • Design: High Contrast Black on Yellow
  • Uses Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerical & Special Characters

It's now possible to keep your password right on your desk without worry about someone finding it.

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